Boleadoras: It is an arm and also an instrument of genuinely native work. It consists on ropes that carry in their extreme some balls that are launched to distance with force on the animals to knock them down. They were used primitively by the Indians and after that were adopted by the Argentinean ‘Gaucho’.
Bombillas: Light bulb of metal that in its lower extreme carries a hollow pellet with small holes that is used to sip the ‘mate’.
Facón: Sharp, straight, and large knife. It is used for the ‘Gaucho’ as an arm of fight.
Gaucho: Peasant typical of the River Plate with high skills in the control of the horses and in the work of stockbreeding.
Mate: Infusion of ‘yerba mate’ (a typical herb for infusions). In the countryside, the city, was, is and will be the Argentinean national beverage. ‘Mate’ is also called the pumpkin where this infusion is prepared.
Patacón: Former currency of silver of 96 hundredths. It was used a lot to adorn the belts and ‘rastras’ of the ‘Gauchos’.
Pava: Kettle, where the water warms up to serve the ‘mate’. During his trips the ‘Gaucho’ used to take it hanged of the belt of his horse.
Poncho: Crafty article of dressing that consist in a rectangular piece of wool, vicuña, cloth or another fabric, with an opening on its centre to pass the head, rests on the shoulders and falls down under the knees. It is used as an overcoat but, above all, it is used almost for everything for its owner. It is a coat against the outdoors that shelters in his dream, or sometimes is a shield wound to the arm to stop the blows of the enemy in the knife duels.
Rastra: Piece of decoration, generally circular, oval or heart-shaped, that can carry the initials of its owner or the mark of the rancher as thus also could be chiselled of some native motive. The countryman carry it hold in the buttonholes his belt by ‘patacones’, other coins or silver buttons joined by chains.
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